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RVS Englisch 15.05.11 Steel and Aluminium Structures
Juni 2018


This RVS is to be used for the corrosion protection of steel and aluminum structures utilized in bridge construction and similarly loaded structures.
This RVS also applies to roadway bearings and expansion joints insofar as there is no inconsistency due to the final state of delivery.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Scope of application
2 Definitions and abbreviations
3 General aspects, principles of corrosion protection and coating
4 Corrosion Protection Systems
5 Processing of coating materials
6 Monitoring, testing and control surfaces of coatings
7 Calibration of the coating thickness measuring device
8 Determination of the dew point
9 Warranty (technical specifications)
10 Approvals
11 Inspection and acceptance in coating facilities and on construction site
12 Cited Directives and Standards
13 Annexes

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  • RVS 15.05.11 Steel and Aluminium Structures