RVS 05.01.14 Intermodal Transport Reference System for Austria – Standard Description GIP (Graphs Integration Platform)


This RVS shall be applied concerning the collection and ongoing maintenance of the content of the Graph Integration Platform (GIP) to ensure the consistency, interoperability and continuity of the sub-graphs necessary for the exchange of traffic references throughout Austria. This ensures that routing, cartographic representations and basic trans-provincial eGovernment applications (e.g. accident location data, exchange of road names and distance information etc.) operate consistently across Austria and across borders...

The RVS summarizes the binding contents of the GIP standard, which being the minimum standard, is freely available as part of the OGD stock in the version of the GIP standard in force at the time of publication. The GIP standard is continuously dynamically updated and, in addition to the standards, contains extensive explanations and planned extensions of this RVS, which should therefore be compared with the GIP standard on a tri-annual basis.

The GIP standard describes the form in which data content that exceeds the minimum requirements must be recorded in order to be compliant with the GIP standard. It determines how data is to be collected, whereas this RVS determines which data is to be captured as a minimum.


1 Scope of application
2 Description of the Graph Integration Platform
3 Definition of terms and abbreviations
4 Network model
5 Reference system
6 Cited laws, directives, standards and literature
7 Additional applicable laws, directives, standards and literature
8 Annex: Central Value Domains, Look-up-tables

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