RVS 08.17.02 Pavement Construction (substituted)


The provisions of this RVS apply to the construction of concrete pavements for trafficked areas. For information on permissible deviations from these provisions for trafficked areas in load classes V and VI (see RVS 03.08.63), and supplementary provisions for pedestrian footpaths and cycle tracks, please refer to the appendix (see section 16.1).


This RVS has been translated from the original German text - only the original German version is valid.



0. Preliminary remarks

1. Scope

2. General remarks

3. Structural design

4. Preparing the concrete mixture

5. Pavement construction

6. Placing concrete in hot or cold weather

7. Opening the pavement to traffic

8. Specifications for construction materials, tests before and during construction

9. Acceptance, functional requirements

10. Penalties for substandard quality

11. Costs of the tests

12. Guarantee

13. Tables and figures/illustrations

14. Cited guidelines and standards

15. Other guidelines and standards

16. Appendix

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