RVS 05.01.14 Intermodal Transport Reference System for Austria – Standard Description GIP (Graphs Integration Platform) (old)


This RVS is required for the configuration and maintenance of the Austria-wide intermodal electronic transportation reference system GIP (graphs integration platform). The GIP forms the basis for both new electronic administration procedures in transportation (E-government) and an Austria-wide intermodal transportation information platform.


The GIP Standard Specification defines regulations which are aimed at guaranteeing the consistency of partial graphs and which are required for the Austria-wide exchange of transportation related reference data.


The GIP Standard Specification defines the standard or sets a minimum standard. The minimum standard ensures the consistent functioning of the routing, the cartographic presentations and basic trans-provincial e-government applications Austria-wide (i.e. localization of accident data, exchange of street names and kilometre markers). Further GIP configuration has to be carried out in a way that conforms to the set standards.


The standard defines the logic in which the data have to be collected. The minimum standard defines the minimum data to be collected.


This RVS has been translated from the original German text - only the original German version is valid.


1. Field of Application

2. Description of the Graphs integratio Platform

3. Definition of Terms

4. Network structure and edges

5. Types of utilisation

6. Public transportation networks and related infrastructure

7. Names register

8. Reference system

9. Referenced laws, guidelines, standards and literature

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