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09 Tunnel
09.02 Tunnel Equipment

RVS Englisch 09.01.24 Structural Equipment for Operation and Safety
Juni 2014


This RVS is to be used when designing new street tunnels and galleries, taking into account national laws (Road Tunnel Safety Act (STSG), Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), Electrical Engineering Act (EEA), etc.). This Directive generally applies in case of renovations, provided that this does not contradict the principle of proportionality. Consistency for the tunnel user shall be given priority.


It has been developed in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Association of Fire Fighters (ÖBFV), and is therefore valid throughout the entire territory of Austria with regard to facilities relevant to fire protection. Deviations must be assessed in terms of their risk in consultation with the respective regional fire authority.


1 Field of Application

2 Terminology and Abbreviations

3 General Planning Instructions

4 Emergency Bays

5 Escape and Rescue Routes

6 Operations Centre and Operating Station

7 Niches

8 Cables and Conduits

9 Earthing System

10 Protecting critical areas

11 Water-based Fire Protection System

12 Store for Binding Agents

13 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced

14 Annex

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  • RVS 09.01.24 Structural Equipment for Operation and Safety