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09 Tunnel
09.02 Tunnel Equipment

RVS Englisch 08.17.01 Bases and Subbases stabilised with Binders (revised 2024)
Oktober 2019


This RVS is to be used for all upper and lower base layers stabilised with binder, which serve as a frost-resistant and frost-proof component of the road surface for distributing the traffic load.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Scope of application
2 Definitions
3 General
4 Principles of construction
5 Machinery, plant and equipment
6 Production
7 Building materials and requirements
8 Examinations
9 Assumption
10 Deductions
11 Accounting
12 Warranty
13 Listed laws, directives and standards
14 Additional guidelines and standards to be observed
15 Annex: Production, storage and testing of test specimens with added bitumen

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Ausgabedatum 1. Oktober 2019
Änderungsdatum 1. April 2024
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  • RVS 08.17.01 Bases and Subbases stabilised with Binders