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03 Railway Station Constructions
04.04 Dangerous Goods

RVE Englisch 04.03.02 Maintenance Plan for Ecological Compensation Areas
März 2021


This RVE describes the requirements for the preparation of maintenance plans for ecological compensation areas for the fulfilment of environmentally relevant requirements within the framework of the planning and realization of railway infrastructure projects from authority procedures.


1 Scope of application
2 Definitions
3 General
4 Principles for the preparation of a maintenance plan
5 Structure maintenance plan
6 Examples of maintenance measures proven in practice
7 Laws, directives, and standards cited
8 Appendix: Sample template for a maintenance plan

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Ausgabedatum 1. März 2021
Arbeitsausschuss EB09 Umwelt- und Grünraumgestaltung
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  • RVE 04.03.02 Maintenance Plan for Ecological Compensation Areas